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You’ve mastered the art of the first impression. Your genuine personality and calm demeanor are rivaled only by the confidence and competence you exude each time someone new walks through the door. When you pick up the phone, the person on the other end of the line could swear they hear a smile in your voice. Your emails exude class, tact, and warmth. Personal appearance? You represent a forward-thinking floral studio that champions creativity and impeccable design. So yeah, you look the part.

Taxes, accounting, payroll, and insurance all sound like four letter words to you because you’d rather spend your days designing meaningful experiences.  You prefer collaborating with a team of creatives and are seeking a career that you can call home for quite some time.  In your spare time you can be found exploring seasonal art exhibits, traveling, or curled up on the couch thumbing through the endless jungle of Pinterest.

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