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About Us

012Primary Petals Floral Studio

Primary Petals is a floral design studio who simple put, has the best time creating arrangements that compliment your style. We have had the humble honor of preparing flowers for hundreds of brides and countless parties, and private weekly deliveries from San Diego to the Central Coast, and all the way in between. It’s safe to say, we can handle just about anything.

For example –

Client: “Please make an entire wall out of ferns…”

Us: “Challenge accepted.”

So we know you’re asking, “What’s next?” Well…we start off with a few questions, take a look at some of your favorite photos of flowers, and we build a proposal around you. Next thing you know, your event has gotten 10 million times more life to it and everyone is freaking out because, “OMG. The flowers are AMAZING.” It’s really THAT simple.

We cannot wait to hear from you!

– Carly, Brett, and the PP team